Tanovus specializes in producing cutting-edge micro-nano structured materials and composites for energy applications. Our innovative battery anode products are designed to boost the battery performance in multiple aspects.


More than process improvement
innovation from the start

Easy to mass produce
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Use of commodity chemicals
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Tanovus, the battery anode materials innovator!

The new energy industry, driven by both policy and growing consumer demand, has seen rapid growth, particularly in portable electronics, electric vehicles, drones, and other areas utilizing lithium-ion batteries.

However, the limitations of traditional graphite anode capacity, reaching a theoretical limit of 372mAh/g, can no longer meet end-user requirements for long battery life and fast charging. To address this, new anode materials, such as silicon-carbon with an extremely high capacity (theoretical capacity of 4200 mAh/g) and hard carbon for fast charging, are poised for growth in the new energy market. Despite the potential, the application of these new materials faces challenges.

Tanovus's TANO3D innovation technology offers solutions to these challenges by providing scalable low-expansion rate silicon-carbon and fast-charging hard carbon. With a top-notch team in Silicon Valley, Tanovus will continue to innovate and produce groundbreaking new materials, swiftly bringing them to market.

HE-series Si-C Composites
High silicon content with high stability
Increase anode specific capacity to 500~2000 mAh/g
First cycle efficiency 90%~95%
FC-series Fast Charging Carbon
5X lithium-ion diffusivity than graphite
Improve charging rate by 3-5 times
Improve anode high-rate performance when added to graphite
NA-series Sodium Ion Battery Anode
Unique Micro-nano structures and high performance
Scalable and cost-competitive
NEXT-series Electrode Materials
Lithium metal battery electrode/substrate
Lithium-sulfur battery electrode